System Operator of the United Power System

Joint-stock company “System Operator of the United Power System” (JSC “SO UPS”) – is a special organization, individually providing real-time dispatch control in United power system of Russia.

PJSC “Rosseti” 

Public joint-stock company “Russian networks” – is one of the biggest electric grid companies in the world.

Company controls 2,30 million kilometers of power lines,

490 thousand of power facilities

with transformer power more than 761 GVA.  


PJSC “OGK-5”, Enel

Enel, international group with headquarters in Italy, is the leading integrated player on gas and electric energy markets in Europe and Latin America. Enel carries out its activity in 40 countries and 4 continents and provides electric energy generation for 98 GW of pure defined power.


“RusGidro” Group

It is one of the biggest Russian energy holdings. RusGidro is a leader in energy production in renewable sources, developing energy generation based on water flows, sea tides and geothermal energy.


“T Plus” Group

Company provides stable and uninterrupted power supply in 16 regions of Russia. Its consumers are more than 14 million of individuals and more than 160 thousand legal entities.


It is a united operational company that provides transport of power energy by electrical grid with voltage between 0,4 and 220 kV, and provides technological connection to electrical grid in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions.


Company PSI (Germany) specializes

on development and introduction

of software solutions and complex system in the spheres of power supply, industry and infrastructure control.

“Inter RAO” Group

– diversified energetic holding that controls assets in Russia, European countries and CIS. Inter RAO's supply business division manages 8 Russian power supply companies (guaranteed suppliers) in 12 regions of Russia.



SUE RC “Krymenergo”

State unitary enterprise of Republic of Krimea “KrymEnergo” – is the biggest energy company of Krimea, established 11.04.2014 in order to provide stable functioning of energy system and energy security of Republic of Krimea.

PJSC “Kuzbassenergo”

In composition of Kuzbassenergo block power stations of Kemerov region are included Belovskaya SPDS, Tom-Usinskaya SDPS and Gas turbine power station Novokuznetsk.


JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom”

It is one of the biggest power energy company in Russia and the only company that performs functions

of exploiting organization (operator) of nuclear power stations.

PJSC “Tatneft”

It is one of the biggest Russian oil companies. Inside the company’s production complex are stably developing oil and gas production, oil conversion, oil chemistry, tire complex, gas station network and block of service structures.



PJSC “E.ON Russia” (now PJSC “Unipro”) – is the most effective company in the sphere of thermal generation of energy in Russian Federation. The main type of activity – production and sale of electric energy and power and thermal energy.


It is the biggest Russian company of thermal generating companies with defined power capacity of 18,95 GW and annual revenue around

112 billion rubles. The main types

of activity are production and sale

of electric and thermal energy.


Public joint-stock company “First generating company of wholesale energy market”. PJSC “OGK-1” is the biggest company of the wholesale thermal generating companies, created by the reform of Russian energy sector of industry, with defined power capacity of 9681 MW.

Pension Fund of Russian Federation

PFR – one of the most important social institutions of the country.

It is the biggest federal system services in the sphere of social security in Russia.



It is a generating company in the composition of Group of companies TAIF. The property complex of power  company consists of Kazanskaya TPS-3 and Nizhnekamskaya TPS (PTC-1).